Processing personal data in company United Czech Engineering s.r.o.

Company United Czech Engineering s.r.o. respects personal data protection. We appreciate cooperation with our partners very much, considering that, we have created a description of procedure to process personal data of external parties. When processing personal data, we proceed in accordance with legislation, particularly the General regulation on personal data protection no. (EU) 2016/679 („GDPR“), the Act no. 110/2019 Coll., on personal data processing, and other generally binding legislation of the Czech Republic.

In this document, we provide information about processing personal data of external people and about rights concerning therein, particularly of the following subjects:

  • employees and other cooperating people of our (potential) business partners, that is customers, suppliers, sub-suppliers, cooperating people,
  • employees and other people cooperating with people who provide various support services for our company, such as job agencies, transporters etc.,
  • self-employed people in position of business partners or people providing support services,
  • visitors of our premises,
  • respectively other third people, whose personal data we will process legitimately.

What is the legal basis and what purpose we will process your personal data:

  • Due to arrangements required in order to enter into contract and subsequent fulfilment of the concluded contract, for the purpose of negotiating to enter into contract, including mutual negotiations and correspondence, and fulfilment of terms and conditions of the contract (delivery, taking goods and services),
  • Due to fulfilling legal obligations specified by the generally binding legal regulations, particularly the act on accounting, value added tax, income tax etc., for the purpose of issuing accounting and tax documents, accounting, tax payments or similar,
  • For the purpose of our legitimate interest, particularly for the purpose of protecting property and health of people, security, damage prevention, and to carry out and defend our legal claims, particularly to collect claims and a defence against claims of 3. parties, however, only provided those do not come before your rights and interests.

which is without a need of your approval.

With your approval:

There may be a situation where we will ask you expressly for approval to process your personal data for some purpose. In such case, your personal data will be handed over voluntarily, and you may withdraw your approval anytime.  When giving agreement, we provide you detailed information about such processing, its purpose and your rights.

What kind of personal data we are going to process:

We will process particularly personal the data specified below, and only in required scope:

  1. identification details, which include your name and surname, name/company, title, date of birth, company ID, tax ID, type and number of your proof of identity, physical appearance taken by a video recording system,
  2. contact details, which include especially a permanent address, registered address or company seat , correspondence address, e-mail address, telephone number or other contact details you share with us,
  3. payment and invoicing details, involving particularly a bank account number and invoicing address,
  4. other details above the scope of data ad a)-c), such as goods or activity you order from us or we order from you, information about mutual communication, data from your visit to our premises, vehicle registration number or similar.

For completeness, we state that we obtain personal data directly from you and/or from publicly available documents (e.g. Commercial Register, Trade Licence Register, cadastre of properties, from your web sites or similar.).

What security there will be concerning personal data

We handle your personal data with due care, according to GDPR and other generally binding legislation.  We comply with safety precautions and we protect personal data as much as possible, which corresponds with a technical level of resources available: personal data can be accessed only by authorized people, advised how to deal with personal data.

You have a right to:

  1. access to your personal data we process;
  2. correcting your personal data, if they are not accurate or complete;
  3. deleting your personal details, respectively limiting their processing, if we do not have legal grounds for their processing;
  4. filing objection to processing, which takes place based on your legitimate interest;
  5. transferring personal details you have provided to us to a different administrator;
  6. withdrawing approval, if we process personal data based on your approval, which is without any extra costs or consequences. Withdrawing your approval shall not affect lawfulness of personal data processing based on the approval before its withdrawing.

Passing personal data on the third parties

Our standard is not to provide any personal data to the third parties. There are situations that constitute an exception where there is an obligation for us based in legislation (particularly in relation to the public authority organs) or in relation to external organisations that provide support services for us (e.g. security of premises, insurance), whom we provide personal data only in the minimum required scope, and they sign a contract to undertake adequate security and protection of personal data.

How long we store personal data

We store personal data only for the time period necessary in order to fulfil the purpose we process them for and then for the time period necessary in order to protect our legitimate interests, particularly to perform or defend our legal claims. The time period usually does not exceed 3 years from the last contact with you. In some cases, there may be a longer time period in relation to an archivation time period prescribed by the generally binding legal regulations, e.g. the acts about archivation, accounting or similar.

If you need any more information, do not hesitate to contact us on e-mail: