• Welding work is a principal cornerstone in producing the parts
  • Therefore, quality of welds is a really important aspect for us
  • We weld from dynamically strained constructions to static constructions, heavy machinery parts (parts of machines, chassis, hammers…)
  • We offer production of scalds using the MIG, MAG TIG methods
  • Measurements and quality of welds are done as a part of the so-called NDT tests, specifically visual (VT2), magnetic (MT2), blebby (LT2) and capillary (PT2) examination and ultrasound check (UT2). We are able to provide 3D measurements
  • We closely cooperate with company SvarExpert s.r.o, which provides formation of the welding process WPS, WPQR according to ČSN EN 15614, complying with production norms ČSN EN ISO 1090 (EXC2, EXC3), ČSN EN ISO 9001, also inspections (taking deliveries) for the purpose of declaring conformity
  • We use services of accredited testing rooms, producers and suppliers welding technology


  • We provide machining of welds, plates, burns, casts, forms and prototype parts on millers, carousels, classical horizontals or CNC of horizontal and portal machines
  • We provide machining of parts in dimensions X / Y / Z (mm) 10 000/3 000/800, value 30 tons
  • Accuracy of machining is provided within the 0,02 mm tolerance
  • Carousel Ø 1450 mm
  • CNC lathe Ø 600 mm, lenght 1 200 mm
  • CNC milling cutter 1400×800 mm


As a part of long-term cooperation with professional external suppliers, we offer a possibility to provide surface dressings, such as:

  • Blasting
  • Wet polishing
  • Komaxit
  • Blackening
  • Chemical nickel
  • Galvanic zinc
  • Flame zinc
  • Ballotine
  • Elox


  • Inspection (Acceptance) for displaying conformity notices
  • Supervision (control) during the implementation of products and technical equipment, criteria, requirements
  • Complete documentation according to EN ISO 1090 (EXC2, EXC3),
  • NDT, inspection of welds according to ČSN EN 5817 as required in the VT, PT, MT, UT method 100%
  • LT – leak testing, level 2, NDT according to ISO 9712: 2012
  • Revisions and tests of reserved gas equipment according to § 156 of the Act no. 500/2004 Coll.
  • Inspection and testing plan for product, technical equipment, construction or work
  • Welding supervision (IWT, IWE)
  • Regular reporting on the status of orders
  • Quality control of the produced pieces
  • Audit of suppliers and their continuous development
  • Long-term professional cooperation with certified suppliers
  • Communication in German and English
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